vote AYESHA WILSON #1 on nov. 5th
vote AYESHA WILSON #1 on nov. 5th
Cambridge School Committee Together We Are Better!

It is with great humility and respect that I announce my candidacy for Cambridge School Committee. In the beautiful words of the late Whitney Houston, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well, and let them lead the way…” The School Committee is the most powerful organization to providing creative, innovative, equitable and intentional learning for ALL of the children of tomorrow, and I believe I am fully capable of being a part of this leadership role for Cambridge Public Schools.

 Doing This Important Work

In this story, created by Agenda for Children OST, Ayesha Wilson shares her journey learning about the diverse cultures of her students. "Building trust with families and being culturally proficient, run hand-in-hand," Ayesha explains. In her story we learn how curiosity, openness and humility can be the bridge to forming strong relationships with youths' families.

Our Takeaway

Building trust with individual families is a pivotal step for staff who seek to develop their cultural proficiency. Humility, curiosity and open-mindedness are qualities that help build cultural bridges.